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Should we rename Faneuil Hall? A Conversation with Dana Miranda

August 25, 2018

Faneuil Hall, one of Boston's most celebrated public spaces and tourist attractions, is named after Peter Faneuil - an 18th century merchant and slave trader. Nir Eisikovits and UConn's Dana Miranda discuss the debate around renaming Faneuil Hall and place it in the context of the national debate around problematic monuments and memorials - from Charlottesville to Yawkey Way. 

Dana Francisco Miranda  is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut and a Research Fellow at UMass Boston's Applied Ethics Center. His research is in political philosophy, Africana philosophy, and 19th century and contemporary European thought. His research includes examining the political and narrative role of monumentalization. In particular, he has analyzed the reconciliatory significance of the Verdun Monument, the mutable narratives of the Bunker Hill Monument, and the difficulties that arise when dealing with racist monuments. His dissertation investigates the philosophical significance of suicide, depression and well-being for members of the Africana Diaspora. He also currently serves as the secretary of graduate outreach and chair of architectonics for the Caribbean Philosophical Association.


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